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Temporary Housing
Should your loss be severe one and your home or business is damaged or uninhabitable, Temporary Housing can provide 1-3 Bedroom Mobile Homes. We know you want to be as comfortable as possible while dealing with an unexpected disaster. A temporary mobile home can be an inexpensive alternative to staying in hotels or motels. Plus, the costs can be directly billed to your insurance company so that you worry less about your personal cash flow.

What We Offer
For over 30 years we have been providing housing for families displaced by unfortunate events and have helped them to return to normal living, on their own property, as quickly and conveniently as possible. We deliver and provide complete set up of an attractive completely furnished home that includes:

  • A large kitchen/dining area with
    chairs and a table that seats six
  • Baths with tub/shower and vanity
  • Furnishings for all rooms
  • Stove and refrigerator
  • Available options include washer, dryer and air conditioning

Advantages / What We Do
A temporary, completely furnished mobile home can be set up on your property with electricity, plumbing, winterization (in-season), and all permits required. Because you’re on your own property, a mobile home can offer many advantages:

  • With one phone call to us, a project manager will come to your property, inspect the site, secure permits and begin the process of setting up your temporary mobile home
  • Your family life and daily schedule is less interrupted
  • Travel to and from work is minimized
  • Fewer expenses are incurred because your home insurance may cover all the costs of rental
  • You can oversee and manage repairs, make decisions faster and avoid costly delays
  • Your property is more secure because you’re living onsite
  Trailer Types

Available Options
• 1 Bedroom Unit (up to 40')
• 2 Bedroom Unit (up to 55’)
• 3 Bedroom Unit (up to 65')
Service Areas
• Connecticut
• Maine
• Massachusetts - note
• New Hampshire
• Rhode Island
• Vermont


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